Denis LavigneDenis Lavigne

Meet the enterprise’s  creator.

Denis Lavigne loves the music scene. He spends every minute of his day listening to music, talking about music, and building an environment where music can be at its best.

He has more than 15 years of experience in the organization and planning of events and music shows. Mr. Lavigne has worked with as many as 150 bands across Canada. He has developed a network of contacts throughout the country. He graduated from the program for the entrepreneurial launch of a company in 2009 at the “Centre de formation professionnelle Compétence Outaouais”. He continuously attends seminars on topics of promotion, marketing and sales; always seeking to better himself.

Under his guidance, Vigne Management artists have been showcased at the Ottawa Blues Fest, Toronto Indie Week, Gatineau Hills Festival, Canada Summer Games, Ottawa Super Ex., Gatineau Mudrun Festival and in multiples pubs and bars opening for artists like: Gilby Clarke (guitarist of Guns N’ Roses), Brian Byrne (singer of I Mother Earth) and Bernard Robichaud (comedian AKA Cyrus from the Trailer Park Boys). Mr Lavigne supported 15 bands during a Cross Canadian tour in 2012 and 2013 as the Booking Agent and Tour Support for a record label in Vancouver, BC.

He participated as one of the judges for the following contests: “Omnium du rock”, Landmark Events, “Concour de la relève de la revue de Gatineau” and Showcase Your Band in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Vigne Management, with the help of Mr. Lamarre (a talented promoter), planned three-day tours from Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City. The tours have been taking place once a month every year since 2013, starting in March through to November.


To be the link between artist and fan.  To  offer the highest quality professional service to musicians while respecting  creative vision and performance needs.  To direct and coordinate careers  as promotional agent, booking agent and tour manager.  To support and  promote festivals, events and enterprises through bookings and event  management.


The business began in 2000 when some of Denis Lavigne’s  friends got together to form a band and suggested he manage them.  The passion for the music business along with  the accumulation of experience has enabled him to make many contacts in the  field.  Following the downsizing of his  employer’s business in 2009, he decided to give the music business his full  time energy.

Vigne Management now boasts 15 years of experience and 15 years of developing an extensive  network of contacts.


Vigne Management offers artists a management service which includes bookings and consultation.

Furthermore, a printing service is also available to produce event posters, business cards, stickers and various other promotional printing.

Vigne Management has worked in cooperation with cultural businesses in the region for over 15 years providing the founder with a valuable network of contacts.

What makes this business stand out from its competitors is the support provided through its promotional printing service.

Vigne Management also offers the production and packaging of CDs as well as stickers and posters to support the artists’ music and events.



  • Management: to manage all accounts for the artists as administrator, agent, tour manager, and fill every need to keep the artist focused on their music.
  • Bookings: to arrange all bookings, check out venues and promote artists in and around the region.
  • Consultations: to meet with artists and evaluate where they are at and make suggestions to advance their musical careers.
  • Printing: to provide the production of printing needs, including business cards, posters, stickers and demo CDs with packaging.



  • Jason Lavigne, (team lead) of Blaze Studios for hosting my website since the beginning of my journey.
  • Raymond Leblanc, for helping me with phone supplies.
  • Graeme McDonald, (program director) from CJIM for adding Vigne Management to your home page.

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